INFRASTRUCTURE (Roadway and Utility Work)

Everett and Arthur Street Reconstructions

  • Everett Street Intersection: construction is ongoing in Everett Street and includes the installation of curb and sidewalk. Two-way traffic and pedestrian access will be maintained throughout this week.
  • Arthur Street: no roadway work is scheduled within Arthur Street this week. Top course pavement anticipated for mid-September.

Future Guest Street

  • Construction of Guest Street is ongoing, with contractor installing vertical granite curbing, concrete sidewalks, permeable under drains, and lighting infrastructure this week. Pedestrian access from the parking areas to Stop & Shop will be maintained.

BUILDING A (Residential Building with new Stop & Shop Grocery Store)

  • Concrete and wood frame structural construction complete. Exterior building work ongoing including window, roof, and façade installation. Project completion (residential and retail) anticipated for Spring of 2024. Construction activities anticipated through that date.

For any questions regarding the updates above, please contact Dave Pellegri at or at 617-610-8906