The contractor has completed the installation of the public utilities (stormwater, sanitary, and water) in front of the existing Stop & Shop store. We decided to NOT install the utilities in the Arthur Street intersection at this time to avoid disturbances to the store access/egress during the holiday month.

This week there will be installation of the private utilities (telephone and electric) along the front of the existing store, primarily focusing on the proposed structures and sections of duct bank that fall within the proposed Building A work zone in order to avoid future conflicts. Friday 12/17 will be the last day working at the site until after the holidays to minimize impact to store operations.

After the new year, the project team will assess the current and projected weather for January to determine what, if any, work can be completed. If weather is agreeable and concrete available, they will continue the installation of telephone and electric along the front of the store. After that phase, they will assess next steps with options being to install the utilities in the Arthur Street intersection or begin installation of utilities at the rear of the store. Work in the Arthur Street intersection would be limited to day work, and would not include connections required beyond the Allston Yards property line due to the City’s winter moratorium.

For any questions regarding the updates above, please contact Dave Pellegri at or at 617-610-8906