INFRASTRUCTURE – new street grid: Guest Street extension, Arthur Street extension, Braintree Street extension, and improved Everett Street intersection)

Enabling – to pave the way for construction of future roadways

  • Completing electrical infrastructure within future Braintree Street extension
  • Making final connection to existing water infrastructure at intersection of Braintree Street and Old Everett Street
  • Minor utility work in Everett Street
  • Overall site cleanup and construction signage installation

Homegoods Demolition – to pave the way for construction of Building B

  • Active building demolition on-going. Expected completion by mid-June
  • Upon completion of active demolition, removal of material will continue for another week

Roadway Phase A – Everett Street intersection and Arthur Street extension improvements

  • Everett Street intersection
    • Sidewalk and roadway patching required for stormwater installation complete
    • Test pitting in sidewalks and along edge of roadways to identify potential utility conflicts week of 5/30
  • Arthur Street extension
    • Completing tree removals and temporary sidewalk work week of 5/23

BUILDING B – Lab/Office Building

  • Exploratory borings occurring week of 6/20
  • Mobilization anticipated for 10/22

BUILDING A – Residential Building with new Stop & Shop grocery store

  • Parking lot demolition, support of excavation and soil removal 100% complete
  • Lower garage level (Level -2) concrete slab 75% complete
  • Upper garage level (Level -1) concrete formwork has begun
  • Concrete superstructure (2 underground + 2 above ground) forecast to complete Fall 2022
  • Wood framing superstructure (Levels 3 to 6) forecast to complete Spring 2023
  • Overall project completion forecast to complete Early 2024

For any questions, please contact Dave Pellegri at or at 617-610-8906