INFRASTRUCTURE (Roadway and Utility Work)

Everett and Arthur Reconstructions

  • Everett Street Intersection: Minor sidewalk repairs and roadway work ongoing in anticipation of final paving. Final paving, striping, and signal activation tentatively scheduled for week of May 28th, 2024.
  • Arthur Street: All paving, striping and signal activation complete.

Future Guest Street Extension

  • Sidewalks, bike lanes, and material installations have been completed. Paver installation ongoing and expected to be complete early May. Remaining appurtenance installation such as benches, light poles, bike racks, landscaping etc. to be completed by mid-May. Roadway opening tentatively scheduled for May 10th 2024. Temporary barriers have been installed along north side of roadway to protect incomplete construction sites. Gas line installation from Arthur Street to Building A is complete.

BUILDING A (Residential Building with new Stop & Shop Grocery Store)

  • Exterior work complete other than punch list items. Interior finishes, appliance installation, and HVAC improvements in levels 4-6 ongoing, anticipated to be complete by end of April/early May. Residential and base building substantial completion anticipated for early May 2024 with Stop & Shop substantial completion anticipated for late spring/early summer.