INFRASTRUCTURE (Roadway and Utility Work)

Everett and Arthur Reconstructions

  • Everett Street: Working on preparing roadway for winter which includes transitioning pavement and applying temporary striping. Final paving will not occur until the Spring to accommodate the National Grid work occurring in Everett, Old Everett, and Braintree Streets, which is separate from the Allston Yards project.
  • Arthur Street: Top course pavement completed on October 17th. Pavement striping completed 10/26. Signage installation and minor temporary improvements will be on-going through early November.

Future Guest Street Extension

  • Construction of the hardscape area on the south side of Guest Street is progressing, including installation of the bike lane, pavers, and concrete sidewalks. Specific activities include installation of the structural soil (for trees), gravel base for bike lane, crushed stone base for pavers.

BUILDING A (Residential Building with new Stop & Shop Grocery Store)

  • Concrete and wood frame structural construction complete. Exterior building work ongoing including window, roof, and façade installation. Project completion (residential and retail) anticipated for Spring of 2024. Construction activities anticipated through that date.

For any questions regarding the updates above, please contact Dave Pellegri at or at 617-610-8906