Enabling – to pave the way for construction of future roadways

  • Final utility connections
  • Overall site cleanup and construction signage installation

Homegoods Demolition – to pave the way for construction of Building B

  • All work complete and gravel pad being utilized by the Building A contractor for parking

Roadway Phase A – Everett Street intersection and Arthur Street extension improvements

  • Everett Street intersection (Anticipated 2022 Work)
    • Installing new retaining wall between Everett and Old Everett Streets.
    • Pedestrian and bicyclist access to and from Stop & Shop via Everett Street closed-Fire department boxes installed. Pedestrian and bicyclist to detour to North Beacon and Arthur Street for Stop & Shop access.
    • Installing stormwater infrastructure
    • Preparing to install fire department conduit along east Everett Street sidewalk from Old Everett Street to North Beacon Street
    • Relocating existing fire department call box
  • Arthur Street extension
    • Installing site lighting and traffic conduit
    • Commencing landscaping work including bike lane and paver installation.
    • Finishing curb installation

BUILDING A – Residential Building with new Stop & Shop grocery store

  • Parking lot demolition, support of excavation and soil removal 100% complete
  • Garage levels concrete installation complete
  • Concrete superstructure (2-levels above grade) almost complete
  • Wood framing superstructure (Levels 3 to 6) forecast to complete Spring 2023
  • Overall project completion forecast to complete Early 2024

BUILDING B – Lab/Office Building

  • Design and permitting on-going
  • Mobilization anticipated for Spring 2023

For any questions regarding the updates above, please contact Dave Pellegri at dpellegri@nedevelopment.com or at 617-610-8906